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"iPaidThat is one of the 100 start-ups to invest in in 2021. Thanks to an innovative technology, iPaidThat retrieves all your invoices and accounting documents from your mailboxes, your suppliers' websites or via a photo from your smartphone and stores them in a dedicated space on the tool."

February 2021

"iPaidThat makes accounting easier for start-ups & VSEs thanks to the automatic collection of their invoices and business expenses, as well as a global offer of tools to facilitate business management. Since its creation in June 2017, iPaidthat already has 2,500 customers and is multiplying partnerships with accountants and banks."

Yahoo Finance
February 2021

"Revolutionizing the accounting and administration of startups and VSEs is the goal of iPaidThat. The company's goal is to automatically collect and enter accounting documents such as business expenses and invoices. IPaidThat offers other services in addition to automatic collection and entry, such as bank synchronization and invoice creation."

Les Echos
February 2021

"Searching for lost invoices, checking bank flows, chasing up suppliers for unpaid invoices... Accounting can quickly feel like an obstacle course. That's why Paris-based startup iPaidThat, launched in June 2017, has developed accounting automation software for startups and VSEs/SMEs."

La Tribune
Février 2021

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4.5/5 (25 avis)

"I have been using iPaidThat for a year/year and a half. It's a real revolution, accounting has become something extremely simple. We promote the iPaidThat tool to our clients because we know that it is a real revolution, a time saver and a reliability that is absolutely amazing."

Serge Vatine
CEO, Bold Avocats

"I chose to use iPaidThat because it was the ONLY solution on the market that met my "web entrepreneur" criteria. It saves me a lot of time and makes my accountant's life easier. I recommend it with my eyes closed, something I've already done with entrepreneur friends, who are also delighted 🙂."

CEO, Laboratoire du Web

"iPaidThat responds completely to my current problematic, at the ecological level obviously, since today we are on a dynamic of zero paper in the profession of public accounting. After almost a year of use, we really realize the saving of time and the quality of our exchanges."

Magaly Cousseins
Accountant, Aparté Expertise-Comptable

"iPaidThat automates the collection and entry of all our purchase invoices and saves me a lot of time! As an Office Manager, iPaidThat really makes my day-to-day life easier."

Office Manager

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