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Collection of supplier invoices 

Save time! IPaidThat automaticaly imports your supplier invoices (OVH, Uber, Amazon etc...) from your mailbox and the websites of your suppliers!


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Bank reconciliation

IPaidThat associates your documents with your bank transactions in real time for you to know exactly what is missing. Follow the unpaid invoices, anticipate the collect of invoices and avoid the headaches !


Cash monitoring

The transactions and documents are organized by categories and by provider/client Follow your expenses and revenues very closely thanks to our reporting tools: VAT collected and deductible, treasury, estimated budget...

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Expense accounts

While you are travelling, add your receipts very easily by taking a simple picture with our mobile app. Manage your expenses and the reimbursement of your employees and partners.


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What our members think of IPaidThat


"Ipaidthat is perfect for the following in real time of the treasury and the exchanges with my accountant. Once set up, everybody saves time, and visibility !"

Simon HULIN / Co-Founder Quaternion Design SAS

"I reduced by 3 the time i was spending on accounting. Just miraculous for young companies needing to spend more time on operations"

Benoît MOISON / Founder TattooMe

"The principal advantage of IpaidThat for Swikly is its convenient and fast aspect. It facilitates the regular update of cash monitoring. I strongly recommend !"

Xavier ROUHAUD / Co-Founder Swikly

"IPaidThat simplifiies accounting at every level. lt allows to have a fast, global and intuitive vision of the company's accounts !"



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