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iPaidThat is the #1 solution to collect all your invoices. Customer spaces or mailboxes, identify yourself once, and that's it. No invoice goes past our tool.

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Why use invoices collectors ?

The time spent searching and retrieving invoices is a considerable waste of time for any business manager. With our invoice collectors, you can automate this low value-added task. iPaidThat imports your payment documents from your mailboxes and customer spaces. Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the information on your payment documents is automatically retrieved.

Collect your invoices received by mail

Today, more than 80% of your providers send their invoices to your mailbox. Our collectors scan and detect the invoices you receive to import them into your iPaidThat interface.

Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) automatically extracts all key information such as:

  • The date
  • The total and the VAT
  • The number of the invoice

These invoices are then compared with your banking transactions so that you do not forget anything.

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All your invoices in one place

Many major suppliers like Amazon or OVH no longer send out invoices. They are available on your customer spaces, so you have to retrieve them manually.

Log in once on the iPaidThat tool and let us automatically retrieve these invoices for you!

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The security of your data, our priority

We own our technologies.

Therefore, our technologies are developed in France.

Trust a 100% French and 100% automated solution!

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iPaidThat automates the import of all my invoices! Plus? We have connected Slack to the platform and we are adding all our accounting documents on a dedicated channel.

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