Automatic collect of invoices

IPaidThat is the solution number 1 for the collect of provider invoices from your mail box and the provider websites

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Why using invoice collectors?   

Every entrepreneur has to keep the invoices and other supporting documents of expenses throughout his professional activity. But when you are focused on operations, and busy, it is easy to forget invoices, and to think “I will care about it later…”. The problem is that by the end of the year, your accountant will give you a list of hundreds of bank transactions for which you don’t have corresponding documents… At this moment, problems start….

Nowadays, the digitalization of these accounting documents is getting increasingly fast, and more and more providers send there invoices by email ! Why not taking advantage of it?



IPaidThat proposes at the same time invoices collect tools to automatize the recuperation of documents and does an automatic bank reconciliation with the in and outs in your bank account so that you forget nothing !


Collect your invoices received by email

More than 80% of providers send their invoices by email, and this figure is increasing! Our collectors by email scan and detect the invoices that you receive, import them in IPaidThat. Our OCR then extract the key information such as date, provider’s name, total amount and VAT. These invoices then are compared with your bank transactions so that you forget nothing.








Collect your invoices from your providers websites

It happens that some providers don’t send their invoices by email, like OVH, Amazon, Facebook… for example. In this case, we propose to our clients to connect their accounts on these websites to IPaidThat, in one clic via their identifiers, and our robots will recuperate these invoices for you! In the same way as for the email collect, the amounts, dates and VAT are automatically entered in your account.  


OCR et extraction des informations

All your invoices are analyzed and the key information are extracted like Total, provider’s name, VAT and date. It allows to generate reports about your activity and to categorize your expenses so that you can follow your cashflow very closely!   

Moreover, if the amount of an invoice corresponds to one of your bank transactions, it will automatically be linked to this transaction!    


OCR et extraction des informations clés





Can you read my emails?    

The answer is no. Our robots analyze the subjects and the sender of your email so that you can determine if there is an invoice, or not, with strict rules. We only recuperate your invoices and these ones are automatically transferred on your IPaidThat account. Your emails cannot be read and are not stored in our data base.    


With which email providers are we compatibles?

We are compatibles with Gmail via a “Gmail connect” and on all other IMAP services via the IMAP protocol. Here is an extract of our email providers: Hotmail, Outlook, 1 and 1, OVH, Gandi, Yahoo, Wanadoo, Amen, GoDaddy, Orange ... and the list is long!

What to do if an invoice is not imported in IPaidThat?

If you receive an invoice by email and that it is not detected by our system, don’t worry. You can add personalized importation rules depending on your needs. You just have to introduce a part of the subject and/or the expeditor and to refresh the importation. Our algorithms, based on Machine Learning takes into account all these changes in our data base so that we miss less providers.

How many mailbox can I connect?

It depends on your plan. You can connect a mailbox on the plan “light” or “Personal”, 2 mailboxes on the Standard Plan, 5 mailboxes on the Standard+ plan. And in the unlimited plan, as its name suggests, you can connect as many mailboxes as you want!

I don’t receive the invoice by mail, and the collector is not in the list, what can I do?

If your provider doesn’t send any invoice by mail, and that the automatic invoice collector on this website is not on our list, you can do a “collector request”. We process every request in the order of reception and, if the collector is technically doable, we will add it in the list, in a few days’ time.  

How the identifiers of my providers websites are stored?

We take security very seriously at IPaidThat. During the adding of a provider’s website, your identifiers are stored in a very secured way, using AES 256 encryption algorithms.


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