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Automatic collection and reconciliation,
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Collect your invoices received by email

Our solution automatically retrieves your invoices from all your mailboxes.

Collect your invoices from your suppliers' websites

Many invoices are available on your suppliers' spaces (Amazon, OVH, Orange ...).
Don't waste any more time, our solution collects them in real time.

Automatic detection of key information

Our OCR detects and automatically captures all important information (amount, date, VAT, etc...) available on your invoices.

Comparison between your invoices and your bank transactions

Our solution performs a bank reconciliation between all your invoices and all your company's bank transactions. You are then notified in case of missing invoices.

Synchronization with all your banks

The bank reconciliation is compatible with more than 300 banks, both traditional (BNP, Banque Populaire...) and new generation (Qonto, Revolut ...).

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