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IPaidThat is fully integrated with Slack and allow you to drop documents into a Slack channel to add them to your IPaidThat account.



First, you need to have an IPaidThat account. Click here to create one. Then follow these steps: 

1) Go in Settings -> Slack Bot then clicn on "Connect Slack"

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2) A window will pop asking your authorisation to exchange data between Slack and IPaidThat, click on "authorize":

Note 1 : The Slack bot needs access to your files in order to download documents added in a channel
Note 2 : The Slack bot needs access to your groups and private channels in case you decide to change the IPaidThat channel into a private group
Note 3 : Nothing outsite the created channel "drop-invoice-here" will be read or use by the bot. Only documents you drop in the channel "drop-invoice-here" will be imported into IPaidThat.

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3) Your bot is not connected ! Here is an exemple of what happens if you put a file in the "drop-invoice-here" channel:

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