Bank synchronization, safe and automatic

IPaidThat make your bank reconciliation automatically by comparing your invoices and bills with your bank operations.

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The best way to make your bank synchronization


invoices collect

Collect all your invoices from your mailboxes and your providers websites


Connect your bank and compare the documents with your bank operations


Get your accounting entries in your favorite format


IPaidThat offers at the same time invoices collect tools to automatize the recuperation of documents and makes an automatic bank reconciliation with the in and outs in your bank account allowing you not to forget anything !


Available for more than 300 banks in Europe

The bank reconciliation software IPaidThat works with all the banks of Bankin’ network, meaning more than 300 banking institutions all over Europe. This large compatibility allows us to meet your demand, either if your bank is traditional or new generation.




Follow up your treasury in real time

Connecting your bank allows you to have a clear vision on all of your charges and expenses, thanks to various graphics automatically created by the software. You are also able to control claims and commitments, trought the platform that will notify you in case of any irrugularity, and finally, manage your budget with daily reportings.


Automatic learning of providers and clients

As you go along the process of associating your bank operations, either with your documents or with a provider/client, IPaidThat is going to learn how to recognize these associations so as to make them automatically afterwards. If the software is unable to offer a direct association, it will give a list of suggestions, in which you will juste have to click on the right document.






Automatic documents association

By connecting your bank, IPaidThat is going to extract all your bank operation lines and import them on the platform. They will be compared with your substantiating documents. If an invoice or an expense account is missing, you will be notified instantly and will know exactly what is missing.


Report on your claims, debts and missing documents

Thanks to this association between invoices and bank operations, IPaidThat will deliver you your accounting entries. Moreover, an automatic report will be created, in order to inform you about your claims, your debts and the substantiating documents that are missing.







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