Stay calm thanks to the automated bank reconciliation..

iPaidThat compares your invoices and business expenses with your bank transactions automatically.

No need to worry anymore thanks to the bank reconciliation: Target zero missing invoices!

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Your automated bank reconcialiation !

iPaidThat allows to perform an automatic bank reconciliation between the inflow and outflow movements of your bank statement and your payment receipts. This allows you to follow and verify your cash flow in real time.

Compatible with all banks

The iPaidThat bank reconciliation solution works with all banks in the Bankin' network, more than 300 institutions throughout Europe. This broad accounting allows us to meet your needs, whether your bank is traditional (HSBC, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Paypal...) or new generation (Qonto, BforBank, Hello Bank, Stripe, Revolut...)

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Follow your cash flow in real time

Connect your bank and clearly visualize all your charges and expenses. Our iPaidThat suite automatically generates graphs to guide you in the management of your daily cash flow. With notifications in case of irregularities, you can control your unpaid bills and expenses incurred.

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The AI at the service of your accounting

Our algorithms use artificial intelligence, in order to automatically adapt to the needs of your structure. As a result, the association of your banking transactions with an invoice becomes automatic. You can fill a category of your choice yourself, automate it or select one of the proposed suggestions.

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Automatic association of your documents

By linking your bank to the platform, iPaidThat imports all your banking lines. They will then be compared with your payment receipts. If an invoice or a business expense is missing, you will be automatically notified.

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Visualize our reports on your accounting

Thanks to the association between your bank account and your invoices, iPaidThat automatically generates your accounting entries. Automatic reporting is performed to inform you about your receivables, payables, and missing accounting documents.

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I connected my bank to iPaidThat and since then, my bank transactions are automatically associated in real time. I am even informed in case of missing invoice!
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