Bill scanner and expense management

Expense management is not messy anymore ! Take a photo of your bill/receipt with your smartphone, it will be automatically imported on IPaidThat.

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Installation du scanner mobile


Installation of the application in one click

The credit card receipts and other paper receipts can be added on IPaidThat simply by taking a picture with the mobile app linked to your account


OCR – detection of Total and VAT

Our mode “intelligent scan” analyzes your tickets and extracts the amounts (Total, VAT) and dates, to facilitate the creation of expense reports  

Expense reports management per month or per mission   

Your documents are automatically organized per month. You also can set and categorize your expenses as you wish!

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Export a PDF summary document

A summary document of your expense report can be generated, containing the date and the mission, as well as the nature of each payment / document:

*Mission / Meeting (restaurants, etc…)

Following in real time of reimbursements

IPaidThat synchronizes your professional bank account and allows you to associate the transactions of reimbursement directly with your employees or partners accounts. Follow in real time how much your company owes you.

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Gestion indemnités kilométriques


Gestion of car allowance

[New] The IPaidThat application allows you to add your travels in order for you to be reimbursed. Simply introduce your starting and end points, the app automatically calculates the distance in kilometers and the allowance corresponding.





Do I have to keep my receipts ?

Your documents are signed and dated automatically, meaning that the photos of the documents you took with our web app have a legal value, and can be used in case of fiscal control. Hence, you can throw your receipts in the trash!

What information is extracted via the OCR?  

The amounts are extracted and analyzed to detect, with a high success rate, the Total and VAT. Date is equally detected and the document is automatically stored in the corresponding month    

Can I use the app to scan other documents?

Yes. The mobile scanner is equally made to digitalize your paper invoices or receipts of payments done with the company’s credit card, which are not personal expense. After you took the picture, you will have the choice between “Paid by myself” = personal expense or “Paid by the company” = normal expense.

How many employees and partners can I add?

You can add until 10 employees or partners with the Standard Plan or as many as you wish with the Unlimited Plan!


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