Mobile scanner
and management of
business expenses .

Do not worry about your tickets and expenses! With a simple photo via our mobile application, the iPaidThat OCR recognizes and captures recognized information.

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Manage your business expenses easily .

Don't waste your time keeping your tickets and expense reports.

Mobile application for business expenses

Credit card tickets and other paper receipts can be added to iPaidThat simply by taking a picture with the mobile application of your smartphone connected to your account.

OCR and key element detection

Our "intelligent scan" mode analyzes your tickets and extracts essential information, such as date, amount excluding tax, VAT, or the currency. All these elements to facilitate the accounting of your expense reports via automatic entry.

Business expenses management by month or mission

Your business expenses reports are automatically organized by month. You can also define missions and categorize your expenses as you wish!

Centralization of your business expenses

A summary document of your business expenses can be generated in PDF format. It will allow you to view your expenses by date, mission and the nature of each payments:

  • Movement / IK
  • Mission / Reception (restaurant, etc.)
  • Hotel

Real-time reimbursements monitoring

iPaidThat synchronizes your professional bank and allows you to link refund transactions directly to your employees or partner accounts. Monitor your employees' expenses and refunds in real time!


Management of allowances and kilometric expenses (IK)

The iPaidThat application allows you to calculate your mileage allowances. Simply enter your starting point and destination, and the application automatically calculates the distance in kilometres and the kilometric allowance corresponding to the official kilometric scale.

The mobile application makes it possible to radically simplify the management of our business expenses. With a simple photo, iPaidThat recognizes the ticket information and imports it into the interface.

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